The Waveform Tool

The waveform tool allows the interactive design of "basic" waveforms that can be generated with the BuildFourierBasicWaveform method. The "Toner" plugin can use data from this tool.


A "basic" waveform is built additively (using Fourier synthesis). This is what each parameter means:

Size: The size or length of the waveform. The highest partial generated will be size / 2.
Decay: The amplitude of each partial is set by this formula : amplitude = 1.0 / Math.Pow(n, decay) where 'n' is the partial number.
Phase: The phase or angle applied to each partial (in the complex plane).
Comb Frequency: The frequency of a comb filter applied across all partials.
Comb Phase: The phase of the comb filter applied across all partials.

The buttons along the top will set the values of Decay, Phase, Comb Frequency and Comb Phase to build that type of waveform.

The values can be loaded into a "PartConfigs" > "WaveformArgs" > "Params" ConfigItem for the Toner plugin as such:

<ConfigItem Name="Params" Value="Decay, Phase, Comb Frequency, Comb Phase" />


<ConfigItem Name="Params" Value="2.0, 0.25, 0.25, 0.25" />

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